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Campus Life

IBU is located in a peaceful location of Ilidza, which is near the Željeznica river and the outskirts of Mount Igman. The campus is very close to attractive locations such as Vrelo Bosne, Sarajevo International Airport and Ilidza municipality center. IBU campus houses two large buildings and a sports complex, where our successful basketball team hosts its guests. The large area of the campus gives our students opportunities to relax in the open air and enjoy the university life. Block A comprises the administrative offices and the rectorate. Block B has all the available facilities for the students of our university. These include a beautifully decorated cafeteria on the top floor of the building with a nice view and a terrace where the students can meet and spend their free time. Additionally classrooms, laboratories, library, start-up and incubator offices, mini conference halls, professors’ and assistants’ offices are in the same building.

DCPR department is on the first floor of B-building. The assistants and the professors have their offices on the same floor so that they are available for any assistance to the students of the department.


iMac Room

13 latest generation iMacs with Retina display enable an immersive experience for a designer. The color you shoot is the color you see. So all three colors - red, green, and blue - are more equally represented and show off real-world color with more balance and precision. All that combined with a brightly lit room, lots of space and an air conditioner are prerequisites for a great working environment.


Motif Room

Important lectures are held in the University's auditoriums, one of them being Motif Room. Faculty of Education and Humanities has many guest lecturers throughout the academic year. Motif Room provides a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere which is a prerequisite for a great lecture.


Our university provides dormitories for male and female students. The student dormitories are within walking distance of the academic buildings and provide a good environment for social needs. All rooms are furnished and general cleaning service is provided in each hall. Facilities within the dormitories include central heating, study areas, library, laundry rooms, showers, hobby rooms, and table tennis rooms. All student halls are equipped with cafeterias to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the neighborhood where dormitories are located, the students can find sports football and basketball and other outdoor sports activities.


Food & Drinks

IBU has a restaurant and a cafeteria with inexpensive food in a clean and comfortable setting. The restaurant and the cafeteria provide service to students and the university staff.